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From the Desk Of Kylie Hunter, MS, CDN
Dietitian, Consulting Nutritionist

Dear Friend,

  • Are you tried of looking in the mirror and not liking what you see?
  • Tired of promises from pills and potions that promise to take that weight off easily but don't work?
  • Sick of seeing ads to help you take off weight if only you pay a small fortune for a membership in some club, special food or some drug?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, I know EXACTLY how you feel, because I've been there myself, battling the bulge for more than 12 years before finally shedding the weight.

Now on this very page...

I'm going to reveal to you how I lost 10 pounds of belly fat and 2 Inches off my waist in 10 days!

WARNING: This is NOT a gimmick – if you are looking for some kind of pill popping, magic bullet with zero effort then you won't find it here. But, if your looking for real results founded on real science, then the information I'm about to share with you will without a doubt be the most important rapid fat loss information you've ever read.

Lose The Weight You Want!...

First, let me introduce myself.

My name is Kylie Hunter... I’m 42, I have a husband and 2 children.

I'm a fully qualified CDN Certified Dietitian and Consulting Nutritionist with many years' experience in the health and fitness industry.

I've helped women to lose weight successfully and keep it off with my comprehensive knowledge of nutrition. 

In fact, it was one of my clients who suggested I expand my portfolio by offering my services online. Hence the creation of the Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days - The Ultimate Fat-Burning Solution for Women eBook.

You see...

I am 5' 6 " tall and I had hit 232 lbs. When I would go to the doctor for my yearly check up my sugar levels and blood pressure numbers were extremely high. The doctor even put me on medication. He said considering my height and weight I was labled as obese.

During that period in my life I was depressed, frustrated and scared!

Before all of this, I'd always had a slim, sexy figure and enjoyed spending time with the love of my life, my handsome husband.

But, even he had lost interest in romancing me.

I couldn't remember the last time he'd crept up behind me in the kitchen, put his arms around my waist (now non-existent), kissed me tenderly on the neck and told me how beautiful I was.

Now I was faced with life-changing threats to my health, too, unless I lost weight – a lot of weight - and QUICKLY.

Trouble was, I'd already tried pretty much every diet plan out there without success … Weight Watchers … Atkins … Jenny Craig … Slim Fast (you've probably tried a few of these yourself).

On top of that, I exhausted myself exercising, including running, doing sit-ups – I even bought a bike to ride to help shed some pounds!

And I'd even spent big bucks on a personal trainer – only to see my body grow larger and larger almost every time I plucked up the courage to look in a mirror.

That's When I Made My Vow

I swore that, if I ever found a way to finally get my weight back down to healthy levels – and keep it there – maybe even rekindle my husband's lost interest and then I would do all I could to help other moms and woman lose weight too.

The problem was I'd already exhausted all the possibilities of losing weight except one.

But that proved to be the breakthrough I needed.

I decided this was make or break. And - if I was to finally ‘crack the code' of lasting weight loss - then I needed to become a qualified nutritionist myself.

And the day I passed my exams was a real red letter day! I was no longer just plain old Kylie Hunter.

Instead I was Kylie Hunter, MS, CDN a certified dietician and consulting nutritionist.

And the next red letter day was when I used my new nutritional knowledge to shed a whole TEN POUNDS in just TEN DAYS.

Best of all, my husband is now giving me the glad eye again :)

And all my friends look with envy at the new slim me, say I look year's younger, notice my renewed vigor and want to know my secret.

And one of the things I discovered will SHOCK you to the core...

It's NOT Your Fault

You see, the sort of foods we are tempted to eat these days by the food companies' massive advertising budgets are exactly the sort of foods that send our blood sugar levels skyrocketing and our blood pressure through the roof.

And, because they are over-refined and consequently denuded of much their valuable nutrients, minerals and vitamins we need, they don't satisfy our body, which then craves more food in a vain effort to get the nourishment it needs.

And when you get fat - thanks to these over-processed foods - the weight loss industry don't do much to help you lose weight permanently, if my own experience is anything to go by.

Think about it – they aren't about kill off their cozy $59.8 BILLION annual gravy train by giving you a diet that works fast and then keeps you slim, so you never need another diet program, are they?

So they give you just enough information to help you drop a few pounds.

Then, when you come off the diet, you put it all right back on again – plus a few extra pounds as well, putting you back in the market for another diet plan – and so on. It's just like a revolving door.

But I'm About To Trigger A Weight Loss
Revolution – And You Can Join In

Because now I've now gotten my weight back to normal – without spending pointless, boring hours exercising – proving my method works like magic.

And do you remember that vow I made when I was the size of a bus?

Well now it's payback time for all the diet plans you and I have invested our hopes, dreams and hard earned cash in only to be bitterly disappointed.

As always, the best advice is…

Don't Get Mad – Get Even

So here's your chance to get even by shedding those surplus pounds WITHOUT the dubious ‘help' of the mega diet companies.

I've now put down everything I discovered that helped me to drop ten pounds in ten days and get back the slim, sexy figure I enjoyed years ago!

Michelle Lost 17 Pounds in 10 Days!

Hi Kylie,

Before I read your book I truthfully felt that I was a hopeless case.

Now, I can finally fit into my old dress again, I feel as sexy as I did in my 20's.

My husband looks at me like I'm the most beautiful woman in the world, I couldn't ask for anything more.

People tell me I look much younger, and I drop 6 dress sizes in about a month*. I lost 17 pounds in my first 10 days with your program.

Michelle Daniels
Richmond, Va


So here’s a sneak peek at this program which will
stand your ideas of weight loss right on its head
and turn the clock back to a younger, sexier you

Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days!
  • How to get that gorgeous sexy curvy body men love and women envy WITHOUT half-killing yourself at the gym.
  • The laughingly simple way to discover what you’re really eating (because chances are you don’t really know, right now!)
  • Ten FATAL foods that will kill your weight loss efforts stone dead – avoid them like the plague!
  • The perfect way to start your weight loss success day – it's probably not what you think.
  • What not to eat at night (because it will turn straight into body fat).
  • Green tea – magic bullet or myth? Here's the definitive answer.
  • Diet pills – why you don't need them and why they can be harmful.
  • The truth about body cleansers (and why you can easily get the same result without spending a king's ransom).
  • The most counterproductive way to try and lose weight ever devised – obvious really, but it will simply pile on the pounds and be bad for your health, too!
  • Why eating the right food is only half the weigh loss story (here's the rest of the secret).
  • Why you should exercise for the good of your health – and why you don't need to suffer the cost and embarrassment of going to the gym to do it.
  • Why HOW you eat is just as vital as WHAT you eat – once you know this it will become crystal clear.
  • Why losing weight permanently does not have to involve any drastic lifestyle changes – just a few sensible ones.
  • How the mega diet plan companies make money from you (and why you don't need them - now you have MY plan).
  • Why my program is NOT a diet – just a simple lifestyle change (because diets are artificial and so always fail in the end).
  • How to find your ideal weight.
  • The biggest weight loss secret of all.

And much, MUCH more…


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And Here's A Most Important Consideration

You see, it's one thing for me to use my system to get my figure and my life back. But quite another to prove to you I can teach others my technique, so they can also lose weight.

So here are some of the kind comments I've received from the other folks who have already enjoyed the stunning results my program has given them...

First up is Terrie who – like me – had been trying for years to lose the surplus pounds she gained giving birth. Yet it took her just SEVEN DAYS to success with my method and she never felt hungry...

Terrie Achieved Her Goal in 7 Days!

Hi Kylie,

I tried everything from cabbage soup to Atkins to lose the 18 pounds from my pregnancy 15 years ago and NOTHING gave me the quick results.

Your ebook showed me how to lose weight and keep it off.

I was never hungry and achieved my goal in just 7 DAYS! Thanks!

Terrie Rogers
Baltimore, Md


Then there is Olivia, who had tried in vain to lose weight on her own, but with my help she lost 16 pounds. As she rightly says my program is NOT a diet just an easy lifestyle change…

Olivia Lost 16 Pounds in 10 Days!

Hi Kylie,

I tried to lose weight on my own and gave up! I knew I needed help! I lost 16 pounds* and have learned new eating habits that will last me a lifetime.

This isn't just a diet, it's a life change. This really WORKS!!

Olivia Myers
Boston, Ma


And here's Vanessa who found that none of those expensive fancy diet plans worked for her – but MY program did...

Vanessa Lose 27 Lbs in 30 Days!

Hi Kylie,

I felt self-conscious about my appearance, and didn't like the way I looked in my clothes. I had tried heavy exercise programs, diet pills, and powders.

Your ebook showed me easy ways to lose weight quickly and safe. I lose 27 pounds in 30 days.

Now, I feel great about myself and I can't wait to go shopping for a new wardrobe.

Vanessa Lrignoni
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl


Then there is Erin, who was delighted to discover that – not only could she lose weight without exercising – she also now enjoys renewed energy. And doesn't she look great?

Erin Lost 7 Pounds in 10 Days!

Hi Kylie,

I knew other people who got great results, so I hoped this would work for me. I was surprised that I lost 7 pounds in 10 days!

I feel absolutely great. I have more energy and am very happy!

If you're not sure, give it a try!! I assure you, THIS WORKS!!

Thanks Kylie!

Erin Pasternack
San Diego, Ca


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By Now You're Probably Wondering

You can see that my program gets awesome results lightening fast – and not just for me.

But you’re probably wondering if such a costly program is within your budget, Because - compared with all those other diet plans we’ve both tried and failed with - this one ought to require a massive investment.

You’re right, so powerful and effective is this, that it should certainly demand a king’s ransom.

But, remember, I’m on a mission here to exact a little revenge from the big diet plan companies for our shattered dreams – plus all the time and money we’ve wasted.

So the more of us who are able to take up this plan, lose their unwanted fat – and keep it off – the more the diet companies will HATE it.

But just before I reveal the size of your investment in the new, slimmer you, I want to make one thing very clear.

I take all the risk here.

You see, I know it worked for me and you've seen the results Michelle, Terrie, Olivia, Erin, and Vanessa have enjoyed. But there's no substitute for you proving to YOURSELF just how effective my method is for you.

So I'm allowing you to take the whole program for a 60 day test drive, fully protected by my ‘Either it works for you or your money back' guarantee. Click here to grab your risk-free copy now!



That means you don't need to make any big decision until you're entirely happy this program is perfect for you!

So take the full program and study it in the comfort of your own home. You'll be amazed at the simplicity of it all and be delighted you don't have to waste hours (and a fortune on gym fees) doing mind-numbing workouts at the gym in front of everyone.

Then, if at the end of 60 days, you haven't experienced the sheer joy of seeing the pounds melt away and you don't feel younger than you've felt in ages with far more energy to spare, then simply drop me an email for a full fast and no quibble refund of every penny of your investment.

Ah yes, your investment...

We've already agreed this program is worth far more than most of the other

programs out there, because it's proven to work. But I'm here to help you –

not soak you – so, despite it having a conservative value $50.00, I'm slashing your investment today to just $10but wait, because there's more...

I'm determined this will be the VERY LAST weight loss program you'll ever need. So I've gone the extra mile for you with these two carefully compiled Action Taker Bonuses designed to enhance the main program...


Action Taker Bonus #1 “Sure Shot Ways To Lose Weight For Women” A $37.00 value but FREE to you because you're getting on board now.

The bad news for ladies is that your body is still stuck in the Stone Age and designed to store fat. So, when food was scarce, you could live off the fat stored in your body.

Because of this, it's far harder for a gal to shed those extra pounds than a guy.

So here's the good news...

I've created this special bonus revealing the specific secrets of successful fat loss for ladies.

And it's yours FREE because you're going ahead today.


Action Taker Bonus #2 “Fitness: Home Workout” A $27.00 value but FREE to you because you're getting on board now.

The ‘Lose Ten Pounds In 10 Days Program' does not need you perform those mind-numbing repetitive workouts in the gym.

But you need exercise to keep your heart and the rest of you in good condition for a long, healthy life.

So forget the embarrassment and high cost of attending the gym, because I'm compiled a series of simple, highly effective exercises you can do for free in the privacy and comfort of your own home at a time that suits you.

What you'll find, once those extra pounds start to melt way and you gain more energy, is that you'll start to enjoy exercising to put a final polish on the new healthy you.

I could easily sell this for $27.00, but I'm giving it to you today for FREE because I want you to really enjoy your new life.

You Now Have A Very Clear Choice

You can carry on as before, maybe being the plaything of the mega diet plan sellers, so you waste another king's ransom losing a few pounds only to watch your size balloon up again when you stop dieting – with some extra pounds added for good measure.


You can choose to make the sensible choice and take advantage of the exact same method I and Michelle, Terrie, Olivia, Erin and Vanessa have used to melt away as much as ten pounds of unwanted fat in as little as ten days.

Remember, I used this very same system to turn the clock back from my obese 232 pounds body to my younger, slimmer self, putting the magic back into my marriage and stopping my son being ashamed of me.

In fact, you'll probably achieve your goal even faster than me, because – even though I'm a certified dietician and consulting nutritionist – I had to spend a lot of time on trial and error until I perfected my formula. But you'll skip all that.

What's more…

If You Go Ahead And Claim Your Test Drive By

I will hand you this unique SUPER BONUS worth $47.00 – just on its own.

You see, nutritional science is moving at such a fast pace that hardly a day goes by without me being notified of new advances.

Some of these are so recent they aren't even in my cutting edge program.

And, this particular breakthrough research has identified certain foods that not only taste sensational but actually trick your brain into thinking you're full while actually burning fat like a fiery furnace.

The value of this SUPER bonus is $47.00 which brings the total value of what you're getting here today to $161.00!




Overall, we could easily sell these items individually for $47
each, or charge over $150 for the entire package.
But you won't pay $150 or $100. Not even $50...



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Of Course

I could just be full of hot air and my program won't really help you lose that ugly fat and keep it off - despite it working for me, Michelle, Terrie, Olivia, Erin, and Vanessa.

But what if I'M right?

There's a simple, RISK FREE way to find out. Claim your test drive RIGHT NOW!

To Your Health and Wellness,

Kylie Hunter
MS, CDN Certified Dietitian and Consulting Nutritionist.
Author of ‘Lose 10 Pounds In 10 Days'.

P.S. No need to make any final decision until you've had a chance to try the full program for 60 days. After all – it's digital – so it's not like you have to pack it all up and mail it back, is it?

P.P.S. Remember - the $47 super bonus is only available until when it disappears for ever.

P.P.P.S. I'll leave the last word to another of our delighted clients, Kathy, who is delighted and surprised to find she was shedding ugly fat in only ten days, despite never feeling hungry.

Kathy Lost More Inches and Pounds!

Hi Kylie,

I was surprised at how fast I lost this weight and that I was never hungry! In less than 10 days, I am where I want to be and I lost MORE inches and pounds.

I feel happy and younger and other people tell me I look GREAT. I HIGHLY recommend this product!

Kathy Turner
Houston, Tx


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Please Note: These are downloadable ebooks. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. That way – you'll get them immediately and can start the program right away! Plus you're saving trees so it's good for the environment. This program is NOT available in stores, and you can only access it through this website.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is unique about this weight loss systems compared to all of the others out there?

This is a real program designed just for women with a step by step system to guarantee your success.

Q. How much weight can I expect to lose with your weight loss Program?

Results can vary from person to person, but if you follow the directions in my eBook the average amount of weight most women lose is between 10-12lbs. per week.

Q. How much does your weight loss program cost?

You can access my eBook for the one-time price of just $10, through my website 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world, from any device.

To get instant access, simply click here and you'll be taken to our secure order form.

Q. Is my personal information kept private?

Yes. Your personal details are always safe on my website. I use state-of-the-art encryption tools for secure privacy.

Q. Do I have to buy diet pills or diet shakes while on this program?

No you don’t. I'm against dangerous diet pills and artificial diet shakes. I strongly urge you to avoid taking them.

I teach you how to use whole foods to lose weight. The only supplements I do recommend are organic herbs and super foods.

Q . How do I get a refund?

I know you’re going to love the "Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days - Ultimate Fat-Loss for Women" eBook but I want to remove all purchasing risk for you.

So I offer a 60 day, no questions asked, 100% immediate refund. If you feel for any reason what-so-ever our program isn’t right for you then email us within 60 days of purchase and we will give you a full refund.


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